Folk Opera Iceland

Folk Opera Iceland is an Icelandic opera company that strives to introduce opera to new corners of our society. Our dream is to break the cultural barrier that surrounds opera and make it accessible to all classes and ages.

We produce small scale productions that are mobile in order to run our show in public spaces such as bars, parks and hospitals.

Folk Opera Iceland was founded by Ísabella Leifsdóttir (Singer), Signý Leifsdóttir (Arts Manager), Sigríður Didda Aradóttir (Arts Manager) and Ingólfur Árnason (Director) in 2011.

Current Production

Folk Opera Iceland is working on producing a new opera by Michael Betteridge and Ingunn Lára Kristjánsdóttir called The Echo Chamber.

Previous Production

Our first production was La serva padrona in Icelandic (Ráðskonuríki) which we had arranged for classical guitar accompaniment. La serva padrona includes two singers and an actor so with the guitarist we only have four people in this production which makes it very mobile. It ran in Café Rósenberg (Reykjavík), a café bar which has live music almost every night, in the autumn of 2012. This show has toured to nursing homes and scenes were shown in parks, and various work places such as a fish factory. This show is still touring around the country.

Board of Directors

Ísabella Leifsdóttir, Chairman of the Board  http://isabellaopera.wordpress.com/

Signý Leifsdóttir, Vice Chairman of the Board. Signý is also the Managing Director of the Iceland Music Information Centre.

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