Corpo Surreal

Corpo Surreal

Corpo Surreal is a production about modern people’s journey towards total freedom from the shackles of culture and biology.

In a poetic dream universe, the performances of extravagant and hyper-surrealistic puppets reflect modern body modifications achieved through surgery.

The ideal is personal freedom, with people freely changing and deciding over their bodies to achieve individuality. 

Alþýðuóperan, together with the Danish performance company Sew Flunk Fury Wit, the Japanese Antibodies Artist collective and the Mexican composer Murcof, presents a dramatic musical journey into the world of expressive dance and puppets accompanied by a song cycle with elements of opera.

In cooperation with Japanese dancer and choreographer Yoko Higashino, Icelandic soprano Ísabella Leifsdóttir, danish actor and puppeteer Svend E. Kristensen and world-famous Mexican electronica composer Murcof, Corpo Surreal disrupts the modern perception of people freeing themselves from the natural body as an identity marker. The lyrics are delivered by Neill Cardinal Furio, who was also behind Sew Flunk Fury Wit’s critically acclaimed show Dust and most recently Crash from 2018.

Poetry and reality melt together in a surrealistic dream scenario where ultimate freedom defies human denial and tragedy. 

Next shows

Corpo Surreal will be premiered in Denmark in February 2020 and will show in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense. The show will also be shown in Japan, Egypt and Iceland later in 2020.

4-7 February – Teater Katapult – Aarhus

12 – 16 February – Royal Danish Opera – Copenhagen

23 – 24 February – Spiral Hall – Tokyo

28 -29 February – ROHM Theatre – Kyoto

25 – 25 May Teater Momentum – Odense

Rehearsals have started. Check out our instagram account to follow.


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